Friday, November 9, 2012

Fun Friday with Make Like a Tree and LEAF

We have spent the last couple of weeks jumping in piles of leaves, karate chopping and kicking the leaf pile and trying to ride a razor through the pile(very interesting watching Mommy try). So before you bag up your leaves...gather a few for some great leaf fun activities this weekend!

Leaf drawing and doodling with metallic sharpie markers from The Artful simple yet so much FUN!

Pretty high on my cute meter are these cute fox leaves!!! I found this on Pinterest from a foreign blog that I could not understand so I don't have a link for you with instructions...sorry!

 I am personally IN LOVE with this leaf lantern from 5 Orange Potatoes!


Here is a different take on the traditional leaf rubbings...use tinfoil from homeschoolmama3

And here is an activitity for the month of December to lead you up to Christmas day...just wanted to let you all begin on it now. Wrap 25 different Christmas/holiday/winter themed books and let your children pick one to open each night to read for bedtime. I am super excited about toddler son LOVES TO READ! I rounded up 10 books that would fit the theme that we already had in our collection and I found 5 the other day at our local Goodwill...just 10 more to go!

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  1. These are all so fun and crafty! I think the leaf lantern is my favorite :)

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