Tuesday, January 31, 2012

HUGE Events at Salon de Averitte

It has been a huge week here at the Averitte household! My toddler son first off started sleeping in his big boy toddler bed *tear*...although most nights he sleeps the entire night on the bed. It is fun to see where he ends up sleeping. I have found him in his closet snuggled up with his homemade Elmo, on his Tonka rug snuggled with his lovie Buster sleeping with his butt in the air and it has also ended with him sleeping in between John and I. Those are the nights I know the next day I am going to need 3 cups of coffee before I even attempt to sit down at my sewing machine...just ask my index finger on my left hand. It has a battle scar from the needle piercing through it because I had no coffee that morning after a night of my son poking at my eyes or picking my nose. What really makes him laugh is when he pulls my lip down and it makes that silly sound like "bwub bwub bwub"... that always gets a good chuckle from him.
The second huge event this week was he got his first hair cut EVER! Where did we take him you may ask? Well none other than the best place to get your hair cut in Tennessee of course - Salon de Averitte! Yes, yes I let my husband take his clippers to the back of my sons precious head. I was so nervous! I got sweaty armpits, and felt a little sick to my stomach. I knew once we did this...I would never, ever be able to run my fingers through his soft, silky baby hair. I had to pep talk myself into this...of course I heard the buzz from the clippers during my pep talk and turned around to see my husband going at it with the clippers. Surprisingly, my son just sat there and let us sculpt his hair! Daddy finished the fade on the sides and Mommy chopped at the top. Of course I did what every creepy mother out there does...I sweeped up the hair and put it in a labeled baggy for future weaving creations...maybe I will make him a toy out of his hair*my mind often works like this...always thinking what I can create out of what*...I kid, I kid. I will not be creating a toy for him out of my hair. I did shed a tear because now I looked at my toddler son and wondered to myself "who the hell took my 19 month old son and left me a 5 year old?" It is amazing how a first hair cut can really alter your life. Just moments before I had a baby boy...and now I am looking at a little man! A handsome little man I might add.
Well here it is...I am infecting the world one blog at a time like I do with my creations! This blog will be more on my personal side of mommyhood, trying to run my biz from home, recipes, activities etc...OF COURSE I will feature other fellow Etsian shops and their products on Wednesdays.
MOMMY MONDAYS - Devoted specifically to mommy's. No crafts for the kiddos...strictly a moment of just mommy time!
WELCOME WEDNESDAYS - This will be the day I will feature an Etsy shop and their awesome products
FUN FRIDAYS - Funfilled activities for you to delve in over the weekend with your family!
Happy Creating,
Amy Averitte
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