Monday, May 6, 2013

Mommy Monday with Elephants for MOM!!!

I am, I will, I blog more and have brainstormed a few different themes/ideas that will allow me to add more blogging into my already hectic schedule!!! So here goes the first one...Mommy Monday...dedicated to none other, then Mom, Mommy, Mum, Momma or as my son has recently started calling me, "Mom - Mom". I will focus mainly on wonderful gift ideas...and what better timing with Mother's Day approaching this weekend!

I will be choosing weekly themes and sharing with you what fantastic goodies I find on this wonderful information super highway I like to call the internet! This weeks theme: ELEPHANTS in honor of my little peanut :)

So here's to you Mom...

Mother's Day card from Cardtorial on Etsy

Burlap Elephant Pillow from Modern Rustic Girl on Etsy

Me and Mama Slouchy Top from Nica and the Newfie on Etsy

Elephant Scarf from Daily Accessoriez on Etsy

Elephant Locket Necklace from Pollini on Etsy

Elephant Wallet from Komono Art on Etsy

Elephant Saddle Pad from Paddled Ponies on Etsy

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