Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tribute Tuesday with Roses for Clementine

Please help me welcome Diann and her Etsy shop Roses for Clementine for Tribute Tuesday

One of a kind, romantic flower jewelry and accessories for weddings, special occasions and every day using vintage and repurposed materials. Vintage finds, too...let's discover Diann and her story!

Upcycled T-shirt Brooches
What is your first creative memory?

My first creative memory had to do with lying in bed as a toddler and watching the play of light on the walls....also, covering my brother and me in mud and expecting our mother to be very impressed by our new look. She was not, surprisingly!

What or whom began your creative journey on Etsy?

I only heard about Etsy about two years ago; a few months later my daughter told me she had started a shop called NeedVintageShoes. I was intrigued. The women of our family love vintage shoes and clothing, yard sale treasures, and anything that has a history. I had been painting, but decided to make different types of things that spoke to my love of flowers, history and romance.

How did you come up with your shop name?

RosesForClementine was suggested by my daughter, and inspired by both their names. Clementine seems popular now, but when she was born, the only other one I had heard of was Clementine Churchill, wife of Winston.

Describe what creations you have in your shop

I love to challenge myself with one of a kind items...or else it speaks to my short attention span! Most of the things in my store will not be repeated...I just thrive when I play with materials, imagine and try out new things.

Glitter Clutch Purse

What inspires you?

I am influenced by 18th and 19th century history, and all things beautiful.

What do you listen to or watch while creating?

My husband is a musician, and often I hear his music while I work. Living in the Boston area, there are great sounds everywhere. Saturday mornings I listen to "Backwoods" on the MIT station and on Sundays I listen to my friend Kate, who hosts "Sunday Morning Country" on the BC station. It's not so much that I am a country fan, but these people play wonderful things! I also listen to NPR and Jim & Margery mornings on 96.9fm in Boston. I do have a day job teaching, so I have to get my music/news in measured doses.

Champagne Roses Bib Statement Necklace
Please share a favorite recipe

I'm not a cook, preferring to make reservations : ) My husband does a lot of the cooking, but when I do make something it is usually French, like a souffle.
Where else can we find you?

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