Friday, April 6, 2012

Fun Friday with Easter Part II

Last week was about Easter crafts...this week's Fun Friday is all about egg dying and the hunt!

MAGIC JELLY BEAN EASTER TRADITION by See Jane Blog (We are doing this...I am so excited!!! I bought lollipops, the small helium balloons with the plastic stick, Pez dispenser and other small toys that I will be taping to some of my left over stuffing sticks to sprout from the Easter Bunny's magic jelly beans:)

KOOL EGGS by Hey! Jen Renee

GLOWING EASTER EGG HUNT by Raising Little Disciples

EASTER EGG LUNCH by Gluesticks

Enjoy the weekend!!!


  1. LOVE these ideas! I'm sending Lance on a sucker hunt today!

    1. I am so, so, so excited to start this tradition! One of my favorite holiday traditions I have came across :)

  2. Very curious tradition, I think I'll join a hunt next year! ...Among your picks, I especially like the glowing eggs :D

    1. I thought the glowing eggs would be so cool even if you did it the night before in the house with the lights off!


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