Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Welcome Wednesday with Royale Couture Jewels

Please welcome Royale Couture Jewels on Etsy

Looking for a little bling for a great gift? Then let's discover Royale Couture Jewels

What is your first creative memory?

The first creative memory I have was when I went to a local craft store and was looking through all of their gorgeoous beads and started to piece everything together! It was amazing!

Who or what began your creative journey on Etsy?

My wonderful and inspiring grandmother began my journey. She was so into crafts that I decided to follow her foot steps and start making bracelets myself. Everytime I come up with a new design, she is first to be shown. We have a great "crafty" bond.

How did you come up with your shop name?

I came up with my shop name because I wanted to have an elegant title for my jewels to be known by. I want my customers to love it too and before the name was finalized they helped give there opinions. They thought it was a great name that reflected me and my bracelets.

Please describe the items in your shop

In my shop we sell "Sideways Cross Bracelets" they are comfortable, stretchy bracelets that can be made with a variety of beads. The bracelets are made for women, men, children, and babies. They are great as gifts and for a bride along with her bridesmaids. We also sell "Rhinestone Love Bracelets" which are also stretchy and can be made with a variety of beads. They are grat for any occasion and add a gorgeous look to any outfit.

What inspires you?

What inspires me is my Grandmother. She would always make jewelry when I was younger and I always wanted to be like her. I took a plunge and started making bracelets which I love to do. My grandmother gives the stamp of approval on each bracelet.

What do you watch or listen to while creating?

While creating, I watch any show on the BRAVO! Network , I absolutely love their shows and each person on every show has a distinct jewelry style which inspires me to create bracelets!

Please share a favorite recipe

A favorite recipe of mine is low calorie chocolate cake which I saw on Hungry Girl. You need chocolate cake mix, club soda, and low fat hot chocolate packets. You mix it All together and add it into a cake pan, heat it up for 350 degrees and wait 20-30 minutes! I do it a bit different then the actual recipe but it still comes out great.

Where else can we find you?


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