Friday, February 24, 2012

Fun Friday with a Little Sunshine

Yesterday was so nice and sunny here in middle son and I enjoyed our afternoon in just long sleeved shirts drawing with chalk on the driveway, kicking a football and digging in the rocks with shovels and dump trucks. The sunshine and warm weather made me a little excited for spring and playing outside with the are a few activities I have found that make me think of spring :)

Make a teeter totter! I love this tire tetter totter from Ripe Green Ideas...would go great with your tire swing. Plus I really love that you could reuse an old tire.

Why not start an indoor garden? Love this idea from Desperate Gardener reusing old soda bottles.

I have to say this is all I could find from my list on Pinterest...I am extremely busy with custom orders with my Etsy shop. I hope you all can enjoy a little bit of the sunshine this weekend :)

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