Monday, February 6, 2012

Mommy Monday

Here it first Mommy Monday blog post. Mommy Time Out...even if you do not have kids you still need a Me Time Out

I struggle with this daily and often times I do not sleep well because I did not take the time for MYSELF. I did not give myself a "mommy time out" because I was busy with my toddler son: playing, feeding, diapers, bathing, playing, reading, diapers, feeding, playing, singing, dancing, feeding, diapers etc...I was busy with housework and busy with my stay at home business making sure my orders get sent out on time. At the end of the day I look back and realized I missed lunch because I was so busy or I missed a shower or didn't get out of my pj's until after noon. This is truly something I struggle with and I have to make myself relax and take a time out. Here are a few things I enjoy for a "mommy time out."

Creative Outlets
My business does allow me to delve into my creative outlets and I am very fortunate to have a job that I can say I absolutely love. I am my own boss and I am spreading my joy of colors, patterns and silly and inviting creations with the world. After the gloating of my wonderful job...I find myself yearning for creative outlets that do not involve the custom orders I have lined up for the week.

1. I love, love, love triple stamp LOVE to just doodle and write and scribble even in my sketchbook(s). I have four that are just filled with creative images that have leaked to the front of my brain and flow from my fingertips. My husband called my first art journal my "Brain Vomit Book"...simply because if you were to flip through the pages it would make hardly any sense to you. I am now on Volume IV of my brain vomit. Most thoughts come to me at the most random times. From missing out on creative opportunities because I did not jot down the idea...I have learned to just write it down before I forget it. Many ideas come home from the grocery store with on the back of the grocery list or the receipt.

2. This may seem a little silly to most, but my second creative mommy time out is reorganizing my fabrics. This allows me to be reminded of many pieces that may have been tucked away and would help out a current creation. Some evenings after my son is in bed, I will pull out my fabric drawers and spread them all over my table and coordinate fabrics together with colors and patterns.

A little piece of heaven for me is being surrounded by beautiful fabrics...thusly why I also take one night a week by myself to go
to the three different fabric stores near me. Which brings me to my third creative outlet...

3. My husband takes over the nightly mommy duties with my son and I travel the 15 miles to the nearest fabric stores to let the creative monster in my brain play. Even if I am not purchasing fabric I still love to let my eyes dance as they jump from one bolt of fabric to the next. I always say..."if I had enough money I would buy at least a 1/4 yard of fabric from every bolt in every

store." This season is my favorite at the stores because they are introducing their new spring fabrics...and they are all so colorful and cheery!

Plain Old Brain Mush Outlets

1. This would first include for me just browsing through the wonderful finds on Etsy and pinning on Pinterest. I have to remind myself to not make it too work related and just dream about all of the products you would love to buy or home projects you would love to do(or add to my husbands honey-do list).

2. Snuggle up under my favorite blanket and watch episodes of "The Office" on Netflix. I have probably watched seasons 1 - 6 at least 7 times now. Cracks me up! I would love to work at Dunder Mifflin to partake in the daily shenanigins.

3. Baking. Enough said.

4. Sitting outside on our back deck and watching the squirrels and red cardinals...simply breathtaking!

Now I do love spending time with my husband: we play video games together, watch movies, play with our kids, play sports outside etc...but this post was to focus on ONLY me. Since I have became a wife and mother I have found that more often than not I tend to forget about ME and focus on everyone else. I leave me out and put myself on the bottom of the list...and frankly neglect myself.

I would love for you all to leave me your Mommy Time Out or Me Time Out moments and ideas in the comments...happy Mommy Monday!

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