Friday, February 17, 2012

Fun Friday with Movie Munchies

At our house, every Saturday night is what we like to call "Movie Munchies." A night when we choose a kid appropriate movie, pop the popcorn, gobble the M & M's, fill bowls with chips, lick ice cream cones, dip cookies in milk and pour pixie sticks in our mouths. I have found a few cute and fun "Movie Munchies" ideas and crafts to share with you so you can begin your own tradition or "Movie Munchies" night.

Make it a drive in movie...I found this cute craft idea from Dollar Store Crafts. I have plans to have the kids make their own car over spring break.

This would be such a cute idea I found from their ticket at the door before the show starts! The site has a printable PDF or it would be a fun activity to create your own. You could also put family members names on them and draw them out of a box. The winner could choose the movie for the night.

I love this idea also found on Dollar Store Crafts site...make a cute concession stand for the kids!

Love this recipe for colored popcorn with using Jello from Dixie Delights...think of all of the colors you could make!

Now go on and enjoy your own "Movie Munchies" night! I would love to hear any activities or recipes you have for our next one :)

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