Friday, March 9, 2012

Fun Friday with Harvesting Rain Water

I have only lived in Middle Tennessee for a year now...I am from out west where it is dry and barren and you are lucky if you see rain. So these crazy and beautiful rain filled thunderstorms here are amazing! And you do not have to have a sprinkler system to water your lawn...that is amazing to me. All this rain has got me thinking(uh oh)...I am curious about harvesting rain water. So todays Fun Friday activity will be links and articles of ways to save, store and reuse all of this rain water. What a great teaching opportunity for your kids too! The value of using our resources.

How to build a rain barrel from The Family Handyman...great tutorial! It offers great pictures and step by step instructions...and the greatest thing is you can build your own for under $100!

Harvesting Rainwater offers a great variety of books filled with information!

And they have a wonderful blog...Drops in a Bucketwhich offers abundant information on rain harvesting too from historical harvesting techniques to modern day systems like this awesome salmon one.

So lets get out there and teach our children the importance of using our resources...especially if you live in such a rain filled climate!

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