Monday, March 5, 2012

Mommy Monday with Easy Tips Around the Home

Today's Mommy Monday will be a handful of ideas for some easy tips around the home to take care of some everyday household problems or chores.

I love this weekly calendar idea from Next to Heavan with a $10 frame from Walmart. It could also be a great decoration for the different holidays and seasons by changing out the paper. Here is a link to the frame.

This next idea I love! Add a few drops of scented oil to the cardboard roll of a new roll of toilet paper. Now with every use and spin from toddlers or cats will release the fragrance...from is great site with many green ideas for your home.)

Now my trash can is not hidden under a cupboard or in a pantry in my kitchen. It just hangs out stark white naked...and I will be doing this makeover(when I get a minute to breathe)...I love it! A garbage can makeover from kimboscrafts/girl and a glue gun. Oh the endless possibilities!

Let's face it...every one's refridgerator's get dirty! This is such an ingenious clever from The Virtious Wife. Simply line your shelves with saran wrap or Press'n Seal, and when a spill occurs simply peel it up! So simple and easy...and again if you felt festive enough, you could change it to match the current holiday or season.

So there are a few helpful tips for your home this week...and they could even be fun too! Especially that garbage can makeover!


  1. that saran wrap on the frig shelves is such a great idea! i'm off to wrap my refrigerator :)

    1. That is a must at our house too! Next time I go grocery shopping I am buying some.


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