Monday, March 12, 2012

Mommy Monday with Uses for Fruit Rinds

At our kids eat a lot of fruit, I mean A LOT! Fruit for every meal plus for snack time. We fortunately live out in the country with birds and squirrels so I usually throw the cut up rinds out to them to enjoy for a snack. It got me thinking...what other uses are there for fruit rinds? So I did some lookin' and this is what I found...some of these ideas are very interesting and I will be trying them! Happy Monday ya'll :)


Here are a few uses for the rind instead of just tossing it out in the trash.

- using the rind for Thai Gaeng Leang Soup, the rind is one of the main ingredients, recipe here
- candying the rind to make a sweet treat with granulated sugar, recipe here from
- pickling the rind...such as you would pickle cucumbers, recipe here
- mmmmmmmmmm...watermelon rind preserves from Amazon
- cut up the rind and toss it in a salad


CITRUS VOTIVE CANDLES from Divine Party Concepts

MAKE A CLEMENTINE CANDLE from Apartment Therapy

I would love to hear any of your ideas for uses of left over rinds...I didn't even get to uses for apple and pear rinds or banana peels...another post for me in the future!

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