Friday, June 14, 2013

Fun Friday with Summer Reading Activities

I love Summer Reading Programs!!! This years is The Beans first year of being old enough to start learning about going to a library, the rules of a library and checking out books.

It is the second year I have had my step daughter participate in the program at a local library(last summer we had our own program here at home) and it is such a joy to see her getting excited about reading...IN THE SUMMERTIME!

Today's Fun Friday is dedicated to a few fun ideas and activities for summer reading.

Here is a graph just to show you a few facts about the impact reading in the summer has on children.

Pop up a tent in the yard or on your back deck like Kara's Classroom did...what a FUN spot to read!

Kara's Classroom

Or have them pick their own spot like this cute idea from Happy Home Fairy

Get them excited by making bookmarks, like these from

Make a bookworm and add a body segment for every book they it grow! From how does she?

And don't forget the fun snacks like these "bookworms" from Sweet Serendipity!

Or fun grape caterpillar kabobs!

Please share your fun summer reading craft and snack ideas in the comments...HAPPY READING!!!

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