Thursday, June 13, 2013

Tottin' Thursday with Out of the Mouth of Beans

Today's Tottin' Thursday is just a few list of words The Beans says...that I love so much!!! I wish I could bottle his little voice up :)

Here The Beans is for my luau birthday party in May...yes he needs a hair cut(and I gave him a good 'ol fashioned homemade hair cut a few days after this pic was taken) and yes he is wearing a hula skirt!

straw ba berry - strawberry
up down - please sit down
Rambo foot - he brings me my flip flops to let our dog Rambo in from outside
dina SOOOOORE - dinosaur with the emphasis on the saur
Sponge Bob ni night - please momma cover me up with my Sponge Bob blanket for night night
play cow - please play on the Kindle
gram PAW - any dinosaur that looks like Little Foot's grandpa from The Land Before Time
elephant in da sky - clouds
monkey nacks - Curious George fruit snacks
rain shower - take a shower
tree star - anything star shaped(tree stars are the leaves in Land Before Time)
me draw - pencils, crayons, pens, markers
Gary - snails
Hey! You ayight? - Hey! Are you alright?
Meh you! - Miss you!
I lub you! - I love you!
pleez dan - please dance
fozzy - sorry
poon - spoon
wut do now? - What do we do now?
no waaaaaaay - no way
Can I hep you? - Can I help you?
That's berry beyoudifull - That's very beautiful

Just a few of my fave's I could think of off of the top of my head...what cute words do or did your words say? I would love to hear them in the comments :)

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