Friday, June 21, 2013

Fun Friday with Washi!!!

Washi tape. All the craze. I admit...I LOVE it!!! I use it for my packaging on my Etsy orders and I have even used it to create a few invitations.

Why do I love washi tape? There are a few reasons:
1. It is available in so many stinkin' cute patterns and beautiful colors
2. It is reusable...yes that is right folks - REUSABLE!!! So ultimately if you receive an order from me and you see I spruced up your package with washi tape...PLEASE rip that tape right off and go decorate something with it :)
3. It is easy to use...not super sticky and easy to tear off.
4. You should be able to find it in your local craft stores like Hobby Lobby or order online. I have ordered many a roll from Etsy :)

Now for some FUN and beautiful washi tape crafts to delve into this weekend with the kiddos :)

LOVE the washi tape roof on this birdhouse from delicate construction!

How about some cute post cards to send?!?

UM...yes please! Decorate a cardboard box...

...for your washi tape decorated wooden dolls from Washi Tape Craft!

Spruce up cardboard paper towel or toilet paper rolls :)

Say what!? A popsicle stick kazoo decorated with washi tape from mom trusted!!! (Great photos with step by step directions)

Ok...that is it for now...I seriously could keep adding project after project! Have a great weekend :)

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