Friday, May 11, 2012

Fun Friday with Make it for Mommy

Mother's Day is Sunday! Enjoy making these crafts with your kids...and the best part; the end products will be for you to display in honor of your greatness of being MOM!!!

I am so in LOVE with these LOVE ROCKS from blogs.babble...that I think I will be making them for myself for Mother's Day!

MOTHER'S DAY TIME CAPSULE from Better Homes and Gardens...can you say AWESOME!?! This is a gift you would enjoy for years to come :)

LOVE FILLED FLOWERS from Parents...they remind me of an updated version of the little flower vases we made my step mom in grade school...but we used white electric fence insulators as the vase, playdo in the vase to hold the baby's breath which was the bouquet and a ribbon tied around the insulator.

Unique and cute Mother's Day card from eighteen25

Cute MOTHER'S DAY GIFT JAR with sweetness from the babes from Better Homes and Gardens

And finally how about a cute plate of pasta for Mom from

I hope all you mom's out there pull your superhero capes from hiding underneath of your clothes and wear them with pride on the outside of your clothes this weekend! Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Those rocks are my favorite! They are just too cute. :)


    1. Thanks Katie...they would be cute with sooooooo many different images on them.


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