Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Welcome Wednesday with Glass Paradox

Please welcome Amy and her Etsy shop Glass Paradox

Bright, colorful and unique...Amy offers great houseware gifts that are wonderful conversation pieces.

Now let's discover Glass Paradox

What is your first creative memory?

I have no idea what my 1st creative memory is! If I ask my mom, she says, I have always been creative. I can remember using scraps of fabric to make tents and such for my Barbie dolls...In jr high school, I made a "life size' latch hook gnome!

Glass Paradox, painting on glass came about when a friend mentioned a pair of wineglasses she had seen in a magazine but didn't want to pay that much for. She said something to the effect of "you're artsy, you could do this" so, I looked into glass painting. The design she had looked at, never came to be but, wine glasses looked like tulips to me and so, it began!

Who are what started your journey on Etsy?

Several people suggested Etsy to me as another means of marketing my artware. I tried it first about a year ago with no real results but, this year, I decided to give it another go, discovered teams and am enjoying the experience!

How did you come up with your shop name?

Glass Paradox came about, almost 20 years ago when art and function were not commonly combined. Glass Paradox is functional artware for everyday use.

Describe what you have in your shop

MY Etsy shop features hand-painted functional artware. Stemware, vases and candleholders.

What inspires you?

Colors and function are an inspiration to me. I enjoy creating items that people can enjoy and use daily.

What do you listen to or watch while creating?

Usually, there's music playing at my studio. Anything from classic rock to jazz and blues. Depending on my mood. I don't like silence when I work.

Please share a favorite recipe

My favorite recipe?
That's a tough one! It really depends on what I am doing....
I enjoy salad when dining alone. My favorite is probably taco salad.
I start with a plate of leafy greens, add cukes, salsa, browned ground beef, sour cream and tortilla chips. And lots of cheese! Sometimes, I'll have refried beans on the side too.
And a margarita :)

Where else can we find you?

I can also be found at:, and the Maine Craft Association's website.
Wholesale at and at several gift shops across the country.

Now please show Amy some love and check out her Etsy shop and website...and please come back and tell us what your favorite creation is! I love the unique hanging tea candle holders.


  1. ...I went there and I think I'd love to drink some wine in those tulips!!! Thank you for all the informations and compliments to Glass paradox!

    1. Thanks for showing her love Elettrarossa! And for following :)


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