Thursday, May 10, 2012

Talk the Talk Thursday with Nice To Meet Me

My first Talk the Talk Thursday...I decided it would be great to show my readers and followers that I am a human, a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, an artist, a woman. I did the good 'ol list of 25 things about me I would be comfortable telling the public...nice to meet me, Amy Lee Averitte.

***These are in no particular order...just randomness out of my brain.

1. I sometimes find joy in watching my 22 month old toddler son struggle to figure things out...whether it be a puzzle, toy, a lid etc...I LOVE seeing his "concentration" and "sucess" face when he learns how to defeat it all by himself.

2. I have NEVER had a bloody nose or a broken bone!!!(Knock on wood)...and this is crazy to me. I have been elbowed and hit in the nose numerous times during my sports career(ha ha ha) in high school.

3. Speaking of my "sports career", I started on the varsity volleyball and varsity basketball teams all four years of high school. I considered myself pretty darn good back in the day. I was always in the top 10 in the valley for the most three pointers and assists. I probably could have went on to play college basketball somewhere...but I was just burned out by my senior year. I lived, ate, breathed, pooped basketball during high school.

4. I grew up and lived in a small town in Southern Idaho until about a week after high school graduation...then I moved to Western Colorado to attend college and lived there for 11 years...and now here I am in Middle Tennessee.

5. Oh...along with sports in high school...I also participated in drama and had to sing at our few musical plays we performed. I even had a solo one year! Oh man...funny stuff

6. I wanted to be a teacher FOREVER it seems like. When I started college in the fall of 2000 I was enlisted to potentially graduate with an Early Childhood Education degree to teach the tiny ones...but after a few semesters of learning about the politics of education; I just was not interested anymore. I knew I would have to probably become a robot to teach and follow strict standards...those are not the teachers I remember. I loved the ones that were able to perform outside of their box and did great activities and lessons with us. So after 3 years of college...DUN DUN DUN...I dropped out!!!

7. ...continuing from above...I took a few years off from college and got a wild hair up my behind to go back for Graphic Design. I HAD NEVER TAKEN AN ART CLASS BEFORE!!! My first art class was Basic Drawing in college at the age of 23 and I felt like such a dummy because I didn't know any of the terminology.

8. With all of that said...I finally graduated in the spring of 2010 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Arts Administration and a minor in Graphic Design from Mesa State College.

9. I once ate a whole jar of Famous Dave's spicy pickles and a whole package of Reese's peanut butter Christmas trees in one my defense, I was in fact 3 months pregnant.

10. I am the youngest of 4 brothers...yes I said 4 older brothers!!! Needless to say I was quite the tomboy growing up.

11. I have over 100 lip glosses/chapsticks!!! For hubster had me count them one night. At least my vice is a smell good wax in a tube rather than something too harmful right?

12. I drool. A lot. While sleeping.

13. My first car was my late grandmothers when I turned 15...a 1986 Buick Century that I called Olga. She eventually lost her muffler...which is funny because my friend was always outside waiting for me to pick her up and she always said "she could hear me coming across town!" Olga eventually lost all 4 hub caps and became more spotted gray with the peeling paint. She was a great first car!

14. I have 2 girl BFF's in this life so far...2 women I consider my sisters since I did not have any. Steph and I have been besties for over 15 years and Vicki and I have been BFF's for almost 10 years. Sadly, Steph still lives in Idaho and Vicki in Colorado...I miss those girls. You know those types of friends you do not have to talk to for months...but when you pick up the phone it is like you just pick right up where you left off. Those are special people to have in your life. All of the crud I have been through, they were always there to pick me up. Love you guys :) Please enjoy this cute little gem of Steph and I years ago!

15. I do not know how to swim. I have never taken swimming lessons but do attempt to "doggie paddle" whenever I do end up in the deep end. Water is really not my thing.

16. When eating a PB & J sandwhich...I have to eat it with the jelly on top when I put it to my mouth. I'm a weirdo...I know.

17. Here is a list of animals I showed in 4-H while growing up: holstein heiffer, lamb, cat, horse, rabbit...I think that is it. 4-H was great! Didn't realize the amazing life lessons of responsibility I was learning then...but now I recognize it. Wonderful organization for kids.

18. In high school I worked at a grocery store in Hailey, Idaho which is near Sun Valley, Idaho where many stars reside. I have bagged and carried groceries for the following celebrities: Paul Newman, Arnold & Maria Schwatzanegger, Demi Moore, Jamie Lee Curtis, Peter Cetera(lead singer from Chicago), lead singer from Counting Crows, and finally Clint Eastwood. Clint was my first celebrity encounter. I was in such AWE I just stared at him. I was maybe 15...he was sweet and said "yes honey, it is me." with a little grin and chuckle.

19. I DO NOT like touching raw meat. I will go to extreme measures to not have to touch it! I will use Ziploc baggies as gloves if I have to. I am normally jumping around the kitchen yelling "EWW EWW EWW" come dinner time. I will cook it...but it just gives me the hebie jebies.

20. My second toe on both feet is longer than my big toe. Freak I know...but I have heard it means you are atheletic. Maybe?

21. When I am busy or stressed out...I do not eat. I have to make myself sit down everyday to eat when my son eats and not continue to work.

22. I am a slight hoarder. I tend to hold onto items I think I could create something beautiful out of someday. I have 2 huge large plastic totes filled with scrap fabric that I will someday create with. I have a drawer full of empty thread spools and poly fil stuffing sticks.

23. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the series The Office...could call it obsessed! It is what I watch everyday when my son is napping and I am working. I believe I have started the seasons over about 12 times now. Cracks me up!

24. Before I had my son almost 2 years ago...I had straight dirty dishwater blonde hair. Now I have brown curly hair.

25. And speaking of my son...I was only in labor for maybe 4 hours. I didn't even know I was dialated to a 4 until I went in for my 38 week checkup. My doc was surprised! I even went to my checkup on my lunch break because I was still working away. Needless to say...when I finally arrived to the hospital I was already dialated to a 7 with no painful contractions. The only way I knew they were 3 - 5 mins apart is because I had to feel my stomach and time it. Sorry ladies for those of you who had LONG labors.

Well...that is 25 things about me. I don't remember the last time I have sat down and made a list of things about me...but it was an interesting experience at 30 years old to list things I would be comfortable sharing with the public.

I would love it if any of you would leave a comment of one of the things off of your 25 things list about you! Nice to meet you...


  1. That was middle name is Lee too. I miss you very much. I love Harry potter a ton. Friends is one of my fav shows. I love to read. Starbucks is one of my vices. <3 Bonny

    1. Awwe Bonny I miss you tons too! Thanks for sharing a few things from your list...

  2. We have a lot more in common than I realized lol. I do the same thing with meat, I have the same weird toe problem, I also cannot swim although I have had lessons several times. I just don't do deep water and putting my head under! I also have a BA in Visual Art, and I hoard things that I think I might make into something someday too.

  3. Well.... nice to meet you Miss Amy! My name is Cheri. I'll be 39 in June. I only wear a size 2 or 3 in kids shoes (which is the same size as my 6 year old!) I'm only 5 feet tall, but I have BIG babies (my first was over 11 pounds when he was born, and was 23 inches long!). I'm a vegetarian, but I don't like most vegetables. I was a Strawberry Shortcake freak when I was little and still have most of the dolls in a bin somewhere. I love the National Geographic channel when they do shows about the Amish. One of my biggest achievements was biking over 500 miles- from Minneapolis to Chicago- to raise money for AIDS (my butt and I STILL aren't on speaking terms!) Oh- and I'm a sucker for just about ANYTHING in your ETSY shop! :)

    1. Well nice to meet you Cheri!!! Size 3 in kids? I have rather big feet for being so short...size 9. We only live a couple of hours from the Amish country in KY and I want to go someday soon. My in-laws go every couple of months and visit their little shops and purchase the most delicious jams and jellies. Thanks for leaving a few tidbits about you :)


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