Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fun Friday with The Olympic Games

I hope you and your tiny ones have had some time to watch some of the Olympic games together this past week...have fun with these Olympic themed activities!

Start the morning off right for your little Olympian with these Olympic ring themed waffles from Someday Crafts...these are AWESOME!

Next make the Olympic Torch from

...make the Olympic Rings from Tippytoe Crafts

Learn about the different flags for different countries by painting them onto dough shapes or you could even use rocks and pebbles from

...while you are making the dough shapes for the flags...make sure and make some Olympic medals from Red Ted Art's Blog


Potato sack races from dot coms for moms

Some cute ideas for the wee tiny ones with toddler Olympic sports from Rainy Day Mum

Other fun Olympic game ideas...just to name a few

  • hopscotch
  • jumping rope activities
  • bean bag toss
  • hula hooping
  • watermelon seed distance spitting
  • set up obstacle courses
  • gymnastics with sommer saults and cart wheels
  • good 'ol fashion foot races
  • wheel barrel races
  • 3 - legged races
  • thumb wrestling
  • leg wrestling
  • tug 'o war
I would love to hear of any special activities or games you shared with your kids during The Olympics...please share them in the comments :)


  1. Love all the artsy activities you show...If I was a child, I'd especially appreciate potato sack races!

    1. I loved potato sack races as a kid!!! Thanks Elettrarossa!!!


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