Friday, June 8, 2012

Fun Friday In The Garden

Let's get outside in the garden this weekend...we all know how fast our kids GROW, so why not make some more memories in the garden.

Mark Your Territory by painting rocks to indicate what is growing from

Make your own stepping stones with a cake pan from Intimate Weddings...great step by step instructions and pictures!

Melted mini bead sun catchers to add some fun whimsical color to your garden from

Add a fun game of outdoor tic tac toe to your garden!

Make a butterfly feeder and food from "rotten" fruit from butterfly food recipes on this site!

Pretty up your garden with these plastic bottle flowers...just cut the bottom from water bottles and string together!

Now get out there and GROW! Have a great weekend


  1. What cute ideas. Thanks :) KthysKreations

    1. Thanks Kathy!!! I have been wanting to do the tic tac toe and the butterfly garden FOREVER! Off to buy me a terracotta pot to make one tomorrow.

  2. ... I love the outdoor tic tac toe!!!


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